Fashion Revolution YYC is proud to collaborate with local makers and retailers from around the city to bring to you, 

The UpTurn Fashion Event
Sustainable Fashions for the Socially Conscience.  

Join us at the Brentwood Village on Sept 28th from 6-11pm for a mini-market and sustainable fashion runway show.
This non-for-profit event will be exploring how the modern day shopper can repurpose, reuse and recycle fashions,
giving new life to our closets and textiles. 

 Showcasing local makers, consignment retailers, online entrepreneurs and vintage boutiques from around the city.

A proceed of profits will be donated to the Women in Need Society (WINS). 
A Calgary based shopping alternative investing in the social wellbeing of community. 

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that runs year round. We celebrate fashion as a positive influence, raising awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues. We show that change is possible and celebrate those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.

Join the Movement! 

Meet The Vendors

Truce Clothing

Truce clothing is a local online vintage and secondhand boutique curated by Alena and Amanda Tran, sisters in law with a shared passion for style and sustainability. Its mission is to make vintage affordable and easy to wear, and help customers discover timeless garments that they'll treasure for years. Each piece is carefully handpicked for its design, quality, and ability to blend seamlessly with a modern wardrobe for an overall "effortless chic" look. Their shipping materials have been specifically chosen to be either compostable or recyclable, and they offer local pickup in both Calgary and Vancouver to help reduce their carbon footprint. Truce is also working on expanding their size offerings and is starting to partner with plus size models to better showcase their pieces.

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Thrifty Princess Consignment Boutique

Thrifty Princess is built on the love for sensible fashion. We are a purpose driven Calgary boutique, collaborating with local charity groups and global communities, supporting sustainability and the fight against fast fashion. Style doesn’t need to be expensive or hard on the environment so we’re here to help you re-adjust that crown, and look good while doing it. An active member of the SLOW Fashion Revolution. Supporting sustainable, green and ethical practices around the world!
Loved clothes last, and we have a lot of love! <3 Visit us at our two story boutique located at 810 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary.

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Kindred Clothing

“ I started sewing when I was a kid and it had always been a passion of mine. I went to Olds college to specialize in sewing bridal, but life took me on an entirely different path! After I finished school I ended up doing alterations work, and custom sewing with several local companies. This made me realize that there weren’t many options out there for women who don’t fit a cookie cutter shape, in terms of size, height, or body type! Let alone options that are locally made. Giving women clothing that fits well and makes them feel great, while also being able to create ethically made local clothing became a mission for me, and Kindred Clothing was born! Now I am in my third year of business and am proud to say that I run a clothing company that is local, handmade, ethical, and inclusive!”

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Civic Styles

Civic Styles is a Calgary based online vintage/preloved shop, curated by Tyeesha Street. The mission statement of Civic Styles is to show people how important second-hand shopping is for our planet and to highlight how fun and easy it can be. When curating for Civic Styles, Tyeesha wants to create a beautiful balance between unique standout pieces and items that blend perfectly with our modern trends. Sustainability is the most important factor in the Civic Styles business model, meaning that only quality, excellent fabrics and enduring items make it onto the shop. Additionally, nearly all packaging and shipping materials are thrifted or compostable. Most importantly Civic Styles donates 10% of their total sales to the Labour Behind the Label also known as the Clean Clothes Campaign. This is a UK based anti-sweatshop campaign that is focused on improving working conditions and empowering workers on a global scale. By partnering with them, Civic Styles hopes to teach more people about the work that needs to be done in the fashion industry and the importance of second-hand.

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Like New

People will always initially judge you based on the fabrics draped over your skin so why not take advantage of that and create the image you want to express to the world? Like New makes clothing accessible through sharing a creative experience that inspires people to step up their style and embrace a life of creativity and individuality. The Like New style is loud and constantly pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion. Our methods support a sustainable future by reducing textile waste while empowering other to do the same. We do this because we want to work for ourselves and give back to our community of people who are ready to shift their paradigms around shopping, style, and creativity.

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