Caroline Forde

Caroline Forde is a textile designer and artist with a practice focused on natural dye processes, textile education and public speaking. She instructs natural dye workshops nationally and internationally. Through her instruction she exhibits an ambition to increase sustainable literacy and practices in the fashion and textile industry.

Caroline helped plan and execute Calgary's first Fashion Revolution week in April 2018. She was drawn to the group through her passion for slow craft and slow fashion. You can view more of her work and projects on her website: 


Laura Berg (LB) 

Laura Berg (LB) is the founder and owner of Nourish Sweat Soul (NSS), an athleisure lifestyle brand. LB creates conscious collections for women made of organic and recycled materials, made ethically and sustainably in Los Angeles, with operations and retail in Alberta.

LB learned about the Fashion Revolution a couple years after losing her home in a natural disaster. While on a journey to live and consume more mindfully, she struggled to find functional fashion that reflected and represented her values, personality and active lifestyle. Eventually she took the leap to launch a lifestyle brand to offer ethical and sustainable athleisure for women living vibrants lives on the go, full of bold colors and hand-dyed designs.

LB joined the Fashion Revolution YYC team because she wants to both continue spreading awareness and education about the issues in fashion industry, and offer solutions and resources for how we can all take action to end exploitation of people and our planet in the fashion industry.


Kristi Woo

Hi I’m Kristi Woo. I am the designer and founder for Riyoko, comfortable chic and conscious travel clothing for women made with their movement in mind. I am also a co-founder of Assemble Work/Shop, a local designer workspace and studio that brings community together through patternmaking and and mending workshops.

I’ve worked in the Canadian fashion industry for over a decade as an independent designer, and have experienced how the skill of making clothing can be misunderstood, and undervalued in light of globalization and fast fashion practices. Along this journey, I also came to realize the importance of being a third generation sewer & maker (from a  family originally from China); and I chose to honour my skill, and the skill of my aunt and my grandmother by leading a conscious design practice. This can come in different forms from supporting fair wage, to buying more locally sourced fabrics, providing quality made pieces that lower the consumption footprint, to hosting workshops on how to make and mend your own clothing.

Last year, I was asked to participate in Fashion Revolution in Calgary. I spoke as a panelist, and I ran Assemble Work/Shop’s monthly Repair Cafe as an event. These experiences opened up another way for me to contribute to the growing movement of conscious fashion. Going forward into 2019, I’m excited to continue working with Fashion Rev YYC toward greater positive change in the Fashion industry because “Individually we are a drop. Together we are an ocean” - Ryūnosuke Akutagawa,

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Thomas Mo

Thomas Mo started in the apparel side of things in high school at a retail store. Since then, he graduated with an Economics degree and has held various positions in the sales and BD world of technology.  

He started Alberta Apparel almost 4 years ago, and more recently Greater Canada Apparel. Alberta Apparel is a clothing brand that sells direct and through retailers. Greater Canada Apparel is a brand that works with other corporations and bringing their brands to life. He sees a great need for everyone to know and understand where their clothing comes from because of the fast fashion movement.

Within the industry, Thomas wants to educate people on the Made in Canada movement, promote it, and encourage consumers to buy less, but buy smart. There is so much clothing in the world right now that we don’t have places to put it, or even throw it out.

The reason why Thomas joined fashion revolution was to continue his knowledge of the industry and network with like minded individuals. He is passionate about what Fashion Revolution stands for and the possibilities of it within Calgary. He wants to connect the makers, brands, end users, sewers and retails into one main hub for a bright apparel future within Alberta. You can find out more about Thomas and Alberta Apparel through:


Erin Bird

Erin is a social activist leading Fair Trade Calgary under the umbrella of Engineers Without Borders Calgary Section.  She also sits on the Executive of the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) as an Alberta representative and the new President of the Board for 2019.  The goals of Fair Trade Calgary are to show leadership in the fair trade movement, obtain a Fair Trade Town designation for Calgary, and the vision is to make fair trade standards the norm rather the exception in all products.  You can find out more about our Calgary campaign and activities by visiting: and about the CFTN at

I was drawn to the ethical fashion arena due to the depressing lack of ethical choices currently in Canadian retailers. The typical consumer usually has no idea of worker's living and working conditions in other countries. This obvious disconnect is why I am passionate about being on the organizing committee for Fashion Revolution Week YYC, and I want to help bring awareness of human rights and environmental issues in the fashion industry to the everyday North American consumer. I look forward to continuing the discussion with many like-minded Calgarians during Fashion Revolution Week.


Blake Ward

Blake Ward is the founder and owner of Seed - the Healthiest Clothes on the Planet. After retiring from professional hockey, he started designing Seed from his kitchen table 7 years ago. "I set out to make the best clothing on the planet from day one. This meant, it had to 1. be made local, 2. come from natural fibers, 3. be ultra comfy, and 4. actually look great (rare for natural clothing!)."

Blake got involved with Fashion Revolution YYC to expand awareness of what 'healthy clothing' is, in the Calgary community and the world. You can find Seed clothing, Seed short documentaries, and podcasts from Blake here:


Emily Ferguson 

Emily is an avid thrifter with an educational background in fine art and textiles. She has a love for natural materials and the stories woven into each and every garment.

Emily helped plan Calgary's first Fashion Revolution Week in 2018, joining after a fast fashion buy led her to committing to only sustainable and ethical fashion purchases. Continuing with this practice and inviting it into other areas of her life, she aims to inspire and educate Calgarians about the fashion industry.

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Suzanne Alexander

Suzanne Alexander is a Geographer and Maker with a passion for environmental stewardship and fighting the effects of human induced climate change. She works in geospatial technology and mapping, as well as creating art and garments with thrifted and upcycled supplies. In her creative work, Suzanne explores intuitive earth knowledge and connection to place with mediums such as embroidery, sewing, paint, and sculpture.

As someone with a life long love of fashion, Suzanne was attracted to Fashion Revolution because of the opportunity to show that the textile and fashion industries do not have to be at odds with the environment and sustainability. She is excited to contribute her experience and knowledge in the ways thrifting and upcycling clothing and textiles can be the key to creating an artful and unique wardrobe to the Fashion Revolution events. To see Suzanne's work please check out her instagram, @spiralstaircasecreative, and etsy shop 


Claudia Franco-Slater

Claudia is a fashion designer with a vast experience in patterns, sewing, fitting and quality control.

I grew up surrounded by fabrics, clothing, sewing trims, sewing classes in a fabric store- owned by my family in Colombia. In 2018 is when I discovered all the negative impact “Fast Fashion” is having on people's health, the planet and the waste we are producing I then decided to learn more about it, to be a conscious consumer and to share my knowledge.

I believe, we all have clothes that are too precious or we simply love, I called them: “close to my heart clothes”. That is Why Claudia Franco-ALTERATIONS is a Business with a purpose, we repair clothes to reduce clothing waste but, we do it with a Fashion Flair. We do it for you or we empower you to do it.

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Mary Thurgood

Mary has volunteered with Fashion Revolution Week 2018 and is excited to be helping out again this year. She has a strong interest in social justice issues, and as a concerned consumer discovered Fashion Revolution when she was on the hunt for more ethical clothing options. She is excited to see the events roll out again this year!


Lea Luciano

Lea Luciano is a journalism student at SAIT. She is a writer, photographer, and social media enthusiast. Lea stopped buying from fast-fashion brands after learning about the damage it's doing to our environment and to the people who make our clothes. Lea joined Fashion Revolution YYC because she wants to raise awareness on the dangers of fast-fashion and consumerism, and she wants to encourage people to live consciously.