Open Studio Sessions

When: Wednesday, April 24 — cSPACE King Edward (4th Floor)

Time: from 6pm – 9pm

Tickets: $32 (Limited slots)

Welcome to Open Studio!  Riyoko Studio & Assemble Work/Shop are ecstatic to contribute to Fashion Revolution Week! Come join us! Bring your projects in process and come work on them in the Assemble's beautiful studio for an evening. Do you just need that little push or piece of guidance to take your project to the next level? Got some linens that need renewal? Making a pattern and have questions? What about pieces of clothing in your closet that you just love, can't bear to get rid of, and just know you could make better if you just knew how to take them in? Add that sleeve? Change that collar? Combine it with another beautiful piece? Take it apart to make a top or a bottom? Make that skirt into a shirt? Make those pants into a skirt? Make those pants into a shirt? Make that shirt into a dress? No matter the nature of your pattern or sewing project - Bring your pieces, and get advice on how to make that idea a reality, or discover what other possibilities those beautiful-but-not-quite-right pieces have in store for you! Bring a couple friends and a have a little fun getting creative!

At Open Studio Night, Kristi & Aileen will advise, and guide you through some ways you take your projects onto the next step. You'll be able to leave the shop with a plan to complete your project, possibly a completed project, and/ and renewed inspiration. 


Travel + Style = Riyoko

Riyoko helps women get from point A to B in style. Riyoko believes clothing is necessary to our daily lives, yet it shouldn't dictate what we do, or how we do it; it should do it with us, and do it well. Whether by bike, by foot, by plane, to work, or to play, Riyoko provides comfortable, conscious, chic attire for women made with their movement in mind.

Good design + Good quality + Good people = Riyoko

Riyoko is thoughtfully designed by Kristi Woo of Calgary, Canada. Production started in Kristi's Calgary studio, where she designed, pattern made, and sewed all the pieces. Through hard work, and support from the community, production has since grown responsibly to include production outside the studio in Calgary. Riyoko believes in ethical fashion, a lower carbon footprint, and a smaller consumption footprint. Riyoko is 100% North American (Canada and the US) sourced, designed, and quality-made-to-last by people we know. 


Assemble Work/Shop is a local designer studio based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We believe in the beauty and self-exploration that sewing and textile skills can add to people's lives. We are committed to sharing our skills and experience in garment design and production. We hope to open up the conversation around slow and ethical fashion, and create community connections through cloth skills – come join us! Make something and have fun!

riyoko  //  founder & designer

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Caroline Forde